New Article! “This Side the Water: A Huguenot Family in Virginia”

Exciting news that there is a newly published detailed article by the late long-time Society newsletter editor, Dianne Ressinger, that provides an excellent rendition of the life of Jaques Fontaine.

Entitled “This Side the Water: A Huguenot Family in Virginia,” the article then provides brief biographies of all of Jaques’ children, with an emphasis on the four children who permanently settled in Virginia.

The article concludes with brief biographies of two of Jaques’ grandchildren, the Rev. James Maury and Aaron Fontaine, who is the primary focus of our annual meeting in October 2022 in Louisville!

Dianne was a wonderful writer and researcher, the author of what is frequently considered the best and most complete version of Jaques’ memoirs, and was the long-time editor of our Society’s newsletter. She passed away in April 2018 but her family found this draft article among her papers which the South Carolina Huguenot Society (with which she was active) has now published.

The South Carolina Huguenot Society publication No. 123 contains Dianne’s article and is available on that Society’s webpage at:

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