Recruiting for New Librarian

The Society is recruiting a new librarian to join our team of volunteers. The position is to process purchase orders for the small collection of items that we sell. It involves maintaining inventory, processing orders (shipping them and then submitting records to the Society’s treasurer), and attending our annual meeting weekends where our attendees can review and purchase items. There are no out-of-pocket expenses as the librarian will use a Society debit card.

About the Position

The position is one of two of librarians. Brian Nilsson will continue his long-time role as librarian to handle research questions.

Please Seriously Consider Volunteering

The physical maintenance of the library requires some space for storage of materials, the replenishment of materials that can be copied or made available electronically, the fulfillment of orders as they come in and the fiscal reporting for incurred expenses (copying, postage, purchases) to the treasurer. It will not incur any personal expenses.

Because research and response and maintenance of the physical library are equally important, we have decided to label both positions as Librarian and each has its own position description.

Please contact Mary Borjon at or 707-279-1050 if you would consider this position. It takes all of us to do some part in making our society function. This Library is unique and an important component of our society.

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