Newly Available Library Item! Fontaine Maury Society Annual Meeting Albums and Fontaine Pictorial Family History 1977 to 2013 by Dr. John May

The Society is excited to announce the availability of a tremendous new resource from our library that provides a pictorial history of our Society and of our family history.

Our late former President, Dr. John May, compiled a photo album of each annual meeting weekend beginning in 1977 and covering most years through 2013 – 36 years of our Society in pictures!  Each of the seven volumes is a blend of photos, maps, and other handouts from our annual weekends together.

Dr. May donated the albums to the library several years ago which our librarian has brought to annual meetings for attendees to enjoy.  After our October 2018 annual meeting, the Executive Committee approved having the albums digitized to make them available for everyone to enjoy.  We had each item in the albums photographed and compiled in folders for each of the seven volumes.

The library is now making this single CD available for purchase for $8.00.  Each of Dr. May’s albums are in their own folder on the CD, with the total number of images over 600.  Six of the albums cover most years from 1977 to 2013; the seventh volume contains a Fontaine Pictorial Family History.

It is a fitting tribute to Dr. May who passed away in May 2019 that more of his labor of love for our family history is now available for all to enjoy.

For the order address and payment information, visit the Society’s library page.

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