New Maury Book Available! The Tale of a Black Sheep: Stephen Price Maury

is new book by historian Richard Nicholas is the first publication of Stephen Price Maury’s (1850-1941) memoirs.  A native of Charlottesville, Virginia, Price was an adventurer, a world traveler, served in the British Navy, and a civil engineer.  He spent much time in San Antonio where he met and married his wife and where two of his sisters – Jane Lewis Maury (1858-1954) and Ellen McGregor Maury (1860-1926) – settled and who will be the predominant focus of this year’s Society annual meeting weekend (October 18-20, 2019).

This 156 page paperback book contains Price’s memoirs, annotated by Mr. Nicholas with further details on Price and the events in the memoirs.  The book includes photographs, maps, and a family tree.

The book is $25 and available directly from the publisher, Blackwell Press, or from  Please note that the book is not  available through the Society.

This book is an excellent new addition to our Fontaine and Maury family histories.  Its timely publication will be a great read for those attending our annual meeting in San Antonio in October 2019!

Tale of a Black Sheep:  Stephen Price Maury
Tale of a Black Sheep: Stephen Price Maury
Stephen Price Maury 1850-1941
Stephen Price Maury 1850-1941

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