New Detailed Article on Matthew Fontaine Maury’s Leadership Role in Conducting a Physical Survey of Virginia After the Civil War

The lead article in the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society’s 2017 annual magazine focuses on a little known aspect of Matthew Fontaine Maury’s life when he conducted a detailed survey-based physical assessment of Virginia. Based on an idea generated and then commissioned by the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), Maury returned to the United States in 1868 to take up the position of Professor of Meteorology at VMI.  His job description included the production of this physical survey, with the thought that such a project would help the state’s rebuilding efforts.  Author and researcher Richard Nicholas brings this little-known aspect of Maury’s life into focus in his 29-page article, “Matthew Fontaine Maury and the Physical Survey of Virginia and Albemarle County,” is complete with photographs, including of the full chapter on Albemarle County, citations, and a brief summary of Maury’s Fontaine ancestry and his legacy.  The magazine (Volume 75; 2017) is available for purchase from the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society’s Store.

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