How to Stay in Touch with The Fontaine-Maury Society

There are four ways to stay in touch with the Fontaine-Maury Society:

  1. When paying your annual dues, complete and submit a member form which enables volunteers to compare the information we have on file and make any needed changes. Your receipt of the newsletter, three times each year, relies on current contact information.  Member forms are found on this website (under forms tab), on the Facebook page (under files tab) and in the newsletters.
  2. Visit this website regularly and watch for announcements and respond to queries.
  3. Attend annual meetings.  Announcements regarding the annual meeting are published on the website, on Facebook and in the newsletters.
  4. Join the Facebook page and enjoy the posts of other family members while also receiving important announcements.

The most effective way to stay in touch is to complete and submit a member form annually and whenever contact information changes.  Our society’s mission is to reach out and stay in touch.  That is what motivates your volunteer board members to donate their time and energy to The Society.  We rely on members to provide current contact information.

If updated contact information provided to us is not effectively transferred to the contact sheet and utilized, we apologize and we encourage you to reach out again and let us know right away that you are not hearing from us.  Our volunteer leadership wants to do their best.

Joining the Facebook page is fun and informative, but it is an incomplete way to stay in touch. We encourage participants to take the next step. Become a member and financially support the organization that provides the Facebook page administration.  Enjoy a more complete connection to the Fontaine-Maury Society and family members.

With everyone working toward an up-to-date contact sheet, we will all benefit.

Mary Borjon, President

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