Wanted: Descendants of James Fontaine and Elizabeth Fontaine Torin

Jaques Fontaine and his wife, Anne Elizabeth Boursiquot, had eight children – of these, six lived to adulthood and had descendants. Of these, we have descendants of four who are current members of our Society. We are seeking any descendants of the remaining two, James Fontaine and his sister Elizabeth Fontaine Torin.

James Fontaine was the eldest child, born 10 October 1686, in Barnstaple, England. He married twice, first in 1711 with Lucretia Desjarrie in the Diocese of Cork and Ross, Ireland, and second ca. 1737-1738 with Elizabeth Harcum in Virginia.

Elizabeth Fontaine was the youngest child, born 3 August 1701, in Bearhaven, Ireland. She married on 31 October 1729, with Daniel Torin in London. She died around 1764.

If you are a descendant of James or Elizabeth or have information on their families, please contact our Society!

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