Itinerary for 2017 Annual Meeting!

Friday, October 20, 2017:

Optional Trip to Tennessee State Capitol:

12:30pm:   Bus arrives at hotel to pick us up.  Registered attendees are asked to please arrive by 12-12:15 so we can load up as quickly as possible when the bus arrives.  Note: Please try to grab a bite to eat before the trip.

1:30:   Arrive at State Capitol for private tour with the Tennessee State Museum Curator.  We will be viewing Commander Matthew F. Maury’s portrait painted on the Capitol ceiling and also his bust in the State Museum.

4:30-5:30: Arrive back at Hotel. Our precise return time will depend on how much time we spend at the Capitol and State Museum. The Curator will spend as much time with us we would like.


4-6pm at the Hotel:

There will be a Registration table setup outside the hotel meeting room. It will be to the left when you enter the hotel.   There will be people available all evening for registration.

7-9pm: Business Meeting:

Saturday, October 21:

9am:  Buses arrive at Hotel to pick up.

Again, please try to start gathering in the lobby between 8:30-8:45 so we can load as quickly as possible.

10am:  Arrive at Old Maury Farm off Blazer Rd. This is the farm where Commander Matthew F. Maury grew up.  We will visit a small Fontaine-Maury Cemetery by the side of the road where several of Cmdr. Maury’s siblings are buried.   The County Historian has had an historical marker honoring Cmdr. Maury placed by the cemetery.

10:45am: Depart Blazer Rd.

11:00am:   Arrive Abram Maury Family Cemetery in Founders Pointe Subdivision:

Franklin’s Founding Father, Abram Maury, is buried here along with many other Fontaine Maurys.

11:45-12: Depart Abram Maury Cemetery

12-12:15: Arrive Historic Franklin Masonic Hall:

We will have lunch at the Hall.   Several of Abram Maury’s sons were prominent Masons at the Hall and we will see some of their signatures in the Ledger.  Daniel Worsham Maury, for example, was at the laying of the Hall’s Cornerstone.  Daniel was the First of the Maury clan born in Tennessee soil (1799).

Two local historians will be with us and one will give a fascinating talk about some of her Maury research.

Several Brothers at the Hall will be giving private tours.

2:30: Depart Hall

2:45-3pm: Arrive at Hotel

Saturday Evening:

5pm: Buses will Arrive to pick up.

6pm: Arrive at St. Paul’s Episcopal:

The Church is hosting a cocktail gathering for us before the Dinner.

During dinner, Howard Cohen, Deputy Chief of the Maritime Safety Office of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, will deliver his Keynote Address on Commander Matthew F. Maury and his extraordinary legacy in our Nation’s history.  Howard will be sharing several short videos. One, I believe, is from a Pentagon Ceremony honoring Cmdr. Maury that few have ever seen.

9:30-9:45: Bus will Depart for Hotel

10pm: Buses arrive at hotel.

Sunday, October 22:

Open Day for Society Members to explore Franklin.

Please understand these times will be somewhat fluid.

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