Information Sought on Slave Cemetery on Grounds of Bien Venue, Louisa County, Virginia

Does anyone have any information on a slave cemetery on the grounds of Bien Venue, the plantation of Aaron Fontaine (1753-1823, son of the Reverend Peter Fontaine) in Louisa County, Virginia, where he lived before moving with his family to Kentucky?

One of our Society members recently visited the area and drove through the neighborhood named “Bien Venue.”  They stopped and spoke with a local resident who knew where the old house had been before it was torn down.  A new house is under construction there now (beautiful view from the homesite).  They noticed a clump of trees and upright stones in a wooded area about 150 feet from the new home construction.  There were at least 3 upright stones that were obviously meant to be tombstones.  One of them had the name “Nate” or “Nat” scratched on it.  The problem is that the scratched name looked fairly recent.  That was the only marked stone, but there were several other smaller ones that appeared to be markers for graves.  The area had a few flags around it, so someone knows it is there.  If anyone has information about this cemetery, please contact

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